Franco Castagnino

  • Coordinator in the National lifeguard society in Lombardy
  • Auditor in the National lifeguard society
  • President of the National lifeguard society (Milan division)
  • Former president of the Auxiliary coast guard (Lombardy region)
  • Consultant for the swimming safety

Marcello Amirante

  • Founder and president of the“Hic sunt leones Varese” (2002-2015)
  • Founder of the “Italian glacial lakes – Open water swimming team”
  • President of the “Glaciali ASD”

The “Glaciali ASD”

Italian Glacial Lakes Varese

“Italian glacial lakes” is an association that was  founded in December 2014, its name then changed to ASD in January 2016, its goal is to join groups of open water swimmers and give them the chance to interact and plan trainings, swimming and travelling to competitions keeping the uniqueness and the symbols of each team. In order to be recognized as a team in the “Glaciali ASD” it’s necessary to have at least three memberships with a specific request of a team’s affiliation.  Registrations that are not connected to requests will be accepted as well.

Our goal is to do sport never forgetting two essential issues: friendship and fun.

Please visit the website: www.teamcerianese.it